Heir to Evil

Book Three in the Inheriting Evil Series

All she’s ever wanted to do is forget where she came from. Too bad everyone else wants her to remember.

Twenty years ago, Isabelle DiSanto ceased to exist and Sloane Matthews took her place. Since then, she’s spent her life hoping the world would forget all about her former identity and leave her alone. She never wanted to be the heir to a killer dynasty, but someone else does, and they want to make Sloane pay for turning her back on the DiSanto name.  

Special Agent James Cade knew keeping the Roman Numeral Killer a secret from Sloane would backfire on him and the FBI, but he couldn’t do anything to stop it. Not that she knows the truth, she won’t stop until they catch whoever is holding her past against her, and all Cade can do is hope she’ll continue to work with him despite his lies.

Sloane knew leaving her island sanctuary was a bad idea, only she never could have guessed how deadly the decision would be. Threatening her loved ones was his first mistake. Killing her neighbor would be his last. No matter how hard she’s tried to stay hidden, Sloane’s been thrust into a fight she never wanted to be in, but one she plans on winning at all costs. She’s more than ready to face down another serial killer, but nothing can prepare her for the moment she realizes her worst nightmare has finally come true.

Can Sloane keep it together long enough to catch the killer obsessed with her family? Or will the newest distraction prove to be too much?