Book Two in the Inheriting Evil Series

Every great love affair starts with once upon a time. Only some end in murder. 

With The Mommy Murderer case finally closed, there’s nothing keeping Sloane Matthews from heading back to the solitude of her quiet island home in Washington. Nothing but the lure of catching another killer.

Someone’s preying on the women of San Francisco, and she’s determined to figure out who.  

While Sloane helps her best friend hunt for a killer, another one is hunting her. When she reaches out to Special Agent James Cade for help, he agrees. Not because he believes there’s a killer on the loose, but because helping her is the best way to keep her safe without telling her she’s in danger. Someone’s still out there trying to draw her out into the open, leaving bodies in their wake. Cade has a feeling Sloane’s worst nightmare is about to come true, and there’s nothing he can do to prepare her for it. 

There’s a storm on the horizon, and nobody’s safe from its wrath. 

Can Sloane figure out who’s grabbing women off the street before another innocent life is lost? Can Cade keep Sloane safe, even from herself? Or will everything blow up in his face when she finally discovers what he’s been keeping from her?