Book Five in the Finding Love Series

It’s never too late for a second chance.

At least that’s what Braeden Clarke is hoping for. He’s waited nearly two decades for another shot at love with the woman of his dreams. This time he’s older and wiser, and he knows what he wants. He’s not going to let her go without a fight.

Andi Reese surrendered her happiness to help her twin brother, and for a long time, she was okay with the sacrifices she made. Over the years, through the back and forth and the broken hearts, she never stopped loving Braeden. She’s just not sure love is enough to get them past the pain and misery they’ve caused each other.

Now that they’ve got another chance, can they forget about the heartache and sadness of their past? Or will the ghosts of their failed moments keep them from getting the happily ever after they deserve?