Book 6 in the Finding Love Series

A cross country road trip with a stranger. What could possibly go wrong?

Sylvia Greene knew she should’ve stayed home for Christmas, but the promise of cuddling her new niece was too good to pass up. If dealing with her disapproving parents and their snide remarks wasn’t bad enough, terrible weather is making getting home nearly impossible.

With flights grounded for the foreseeable future, the sexy stranger she meets in the airport is her only hope of staying sane and getting home. What’s a little stranger danger if it means getting the hell out of Dodge and back where she belongs?

With the last remaining rental car in all of Dayton, Logan Grainger is happy to come to the rescue of a damsel in distress. Two drivers are better than one, after all, but no matter what, he can’t let himself get distracted by the pretty woman sitting next to him.

Too bad, a moose named Sheldon didn’t get the memo.